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HVAC companies normally design, install, service and repair HVAC systems. They also help property owners to improve the quality of air in their homes. One of the strategies for improving IAQ is replacing air filters every couple of weeks. Installation of humidifiers and dehumidifiers can also go a long way in improving indoor air quality. Since air filters can remove most of the dust circulating inside a building, while the heater/cooler can regulate indoor temperatures, the only concern property owners should have is getting rid of minute airborne pathogens, which cannot be removed by conventional air filters. The only option for removing viruses, fungal spores and bacteria, among other types of biological impurities, is using UV lights. At Climate Pro, we offer a variety of products that can help to improve the quality of air in your home. | UV Installs Service in North Seattle |

UV Lamp InstallationUV Installs Service in North Seattle

For decades, UV lights have been used in a variety of places to sanitize tools and equipment. For instance, ultraviolet radiation has been used in hospitals and factories to sanitize surgical tools. This is because ultraviolet light is known to be able to kill microorganisms. In HVAC systems, UV lamps can be installed inside the air ducts or inside the air handler, near the evaporator coils. When air passes through the air handler or through the air ducts, all the pathogens will be killed, leaving air clean and healthy to breath.

Decrease Pathogens

We offer free, no-obligation new product consultations. We also offer affordable financing on approved credit. Our goal is to improve your home comfort by helping you to get rid of disease-causing pathogens from air circulating in your home. Our technicians are highly qualified and can easily determine your IAQ needs and install a suitable UV lamp that can produce the UV lights needed to purify all the air in your home.

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