The water heater is an important part of your home, and without one, you may not be able to complete many daily activities. In case a problem arises with your water heater, Climate Pro Heating & Cooling provides heat pump repair in Everett, WA and are ready to provide a solution.

You should know some basic details about the life expectancy of a water heater to determine when to replace it with a new one.

The life expectancy of a water heater
A water heater is an HVAC appliance, and all HVAC appliances have a fixed lifespan. The average lifespan of a water heater ranges from eight to ten years. However, if you do not perform regular maintenance schedules of your water heater, it may stop working prior to that. It can work for more than ten years if you ensure regular service jobs for your water heater. It depends how well the owners maintain their water heaters to enhance or diminish their lifespan.
Signs you should replace your water heater
  • Water Leakages

Water leakage is a serious problem with old water heaters, and you should pay attention immediately. Several factors can cause water leakages, like blockages in the pipelines and cracks in the pan.

  • Rusty Water

One of the reasons why your bathroom sinks have rust stains is due to rusty water from the water heater. Rusty water is dangerous for your family as rust is not safe for human bodies. You should replace your water heater if its water becomes rusty.

  • Foul Smell And Taste

If the water coming from your water heater has a foul taste and smell, more like a metallic smell, you should get your water heater checked by a professional. A metallic taste from the water heater indicates that the chemicals of your water heater are leaking into its water.

  • Cold Water

A water heater that does not heat water efficiently is useless and one of the best indicators that you need to replace it. An inefficient and old water heater cannot regain efficiency no matter how many repair jobs you provide.

  • Old Age

As you know, a water heater cannot work forever. After a few years, your water heater will stop working efficiently, and you will have to replace it. Instead of forcing it to work and increasing your energy bills, you should consider replacing it at the earliest time possible.

  • More Repair Jobs

It is for sure that an old water heater will need more repair jobs due to wear and tear damage it has faced over the past few years. If the money spent on the repair jobs exceeds more than half the amount of a new water heater, you should get a new system.


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