Like all heating and cooling appliances, air conditioners also consist of different parts that make up an effectively functioning device. A filter is one of those essential elements accountable for removing harmful pollutants and contaminants to circulate filtered and clean air.

Because the filters play such a considerable part in the cooling system, there’s no way an air conditioner can operate without it. So if you feel your air conditioner’s air filter has become dirty or needs to get replaced, it is prudent to call professionals for ac installation Everett WA.

Are all Air Conditioning Appliances Equipped With Filters?

Yes, every air conditioning device comes equipped with air filters. The primary function of an air conditioner air filter is to serve as a barrier to capture dust and pollutants that come in through the air conditioner vents. This way, pure and filtered air goes further to the blower fan, spreading this air. Not only does it guard against polluted air, but it also saves other internal parts. Also, you must note that while some air conditioning air filters are washable and reusable, you must dispose of some after one or two uses. In either case, you must get your air filters cleaned or replaced by an experienced HVAC contractor so your system can continue to serve its best.

Can you Run an Air Conditioning Device Without any Air Filter?

If you do not have a replacement air filter in hand immediately, never attempt to extract the dirty filter and operate it without the new one. Below are some severe problems that can arise if you run your air conditioning device without a filter:

  • Polluted Vents: Air contaminants will begin settling in the ductwork, combining with dampness and leading to mold and fungus development. Altogether, this can become a severe health threat, especially for people with mold allergies.
  • Inferior Air Quality: As there are no air filters in your cooling device to accumulate dust and debris, all this particulate matter gets distributed in your house, resulting in inadequate indoor air quality. It can aggravate respiratory issues like asthma and spur allergies too.
  • Device Failure: Since air conditioner filters keep the inner parts clean, all of it would remain blanketed in dirt without it. For instance, the blower motor or evaporator coils can eventually fail due to extra strain.

What if you run your air conditioner with a dirty filter?

A dirty air conditioning filter can lead to some comprehensive repairs in the future if not handled soon. Here are some issues that might arise due to dirty/obstructed AC air filters:

  • It prevents the air from streaming accurately through your air conditioning device, which can ultimately trigger it to shut down.
  • Since the air conditioner will have to strive hard through a blocked filter, the device will eat up more power. Thus, you can also expect higher power expenditures.
  • If sufficient airflow isn’t available in the heat exchanger, the heat exchanger can get overheated and ultimately break down. So in such circumstances, you might need to pay hefty repair bills or expenses.


If your air conditioner air filter needs to be replaced or you’re encountering any of the above problems, Climate Pro Heating and Cooling can fix it. Call us for ac replacement Everett WA at (425) 787-5804