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For the period we have been in business, Freon leaks have been some of the commonest problems we have had to fix through our heating repair service Mukilteo, WA area. If not repaired in time, this problem may escalate into a more complicated issue and even affect the functioning of your air conditioner. For optimal performance of the AC system, the level of Freon must be at its full capacity. As such, reduce levels of the refrigerant will definitely affect the functioning of your AC. To resolve the problem, you need to have a skilled technician fix the leakage and refill the level of Freon on your system. To tell whether your system is actually leaking Freon, you should watch out for the following signs.

Reduce Freon Level

Since most of the AC makes and models will only function with the level of Freon at its full capacity, the easiest way to tell whether the system is leaking Freon is to check its level. If the refrigerant is not full, your system may be leaking Freon. In such a case, you should hire our specialized heating and cooling repair technicians examine the problem and offer the best remedy for a lasting solution.

Formation of Dark Residue Spots

In most cases, this sign may be detected by trained eyes. This is why you may have heard your repair professional say that you have a Freon leak, when you do not even know what that is. Basically, trained heating and cooling system repair professionals, such as the ones we have at Climate Pro, LLC are trained to detect any HVAC and AC problem and repair it appropriately. For the case of R22 systems, Freon is normally mixed with oil. This being the case, leakage of the refrigerant will often leave a greasy spot. This makes it easy for trained professionals to detect Freon leaks; in this case, they will examine the system for the dark spots.

Formation of Ice on AC Pipes

detecting HVAC problemIn addition to interfering with the normal functioning of your AC system, Freon leakage may lead to the formation of ice on AC tubes. The ice normally forms on the AC pipes within the evaporator coil and the ones located outside the house. While this formation of ice may be a sign of Freon leakage, it may also be caused by blocked vents. As such, the best cause of action would be to call out professionals whenever you notice this sign. Our expert heating repair service Mukilteo, WA professionals will arrive on time and examine the system to identify the problem. They will then fix it to restore your AC to its former functioning condition.

Any problem on your HVAC or AC system can affect its functioning and efficiency. This is the last thing you would want now that winter is here. To fix such problems quickly and prevent their recurrence in future, you should hire our skilled and experienced heating repair service Mukilteo, WA experts by calling us on 425.787.580.