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Every homeowner knows when something isn’t quite right with their electric products and if you sense that it’s time for a new air conditioner you’re probably right. With the warmer days creeping in, it’s best to act now to ensure you stay comfortable at home. Spring is the perfect time to get an AC installation in North Seattle, with the rise of stormy weather and the added incentive of making your purchase before installation and call out fees rise in the summer, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a bit more information about what our company during an AC installation and why.

Premium Products

While it’s possible to get a new air conditioner at any time of year. Many big brands put up their prices in the summer even if they still claim to be offering their products at a reduced price. The cost is even higher if you purchase your new air system from a hardware store or online retailer during this period, basically it’s a savvy marketing tactic for supply and demand being higher in the warmer months when homeowners all across the country experience poor performance or full breakdown and need a new system immediately. Getting a professional assessment not only allows you to benefit from expert advice and knowledge to help you find the right product for it also gives you access to the widest range of products on the market. At Climate Pro we’re able to offer premium products at an affordable price due to longstanding relationships we have with manufacturers and distribution due to being NATE certified and associated with industry boards and standards.

Climate Pro. LLC

Safeguard Your Home This Spring

Spring can bring some unusual and sometimes unpleasant weather. If you’ve currently got a split unit, that’s one cabinet indoors and one outdoors, the outer product is left largely unprotected when bad weather strikes. To avoid needing an emergency call out and face larger fees to fix the area surrounding your unit that may have subsided or eroded, it’s best to schedule an assessment for AC installation in North Seattle now, rather than wait and see if your current air conditioner can make it through the summer. If you’ve currently got an indoor or roof unit, these are prone to leaks, blockages and running errors due to debris and high winds affecting performance. A new air conditioner installed at this time of year ensures that you experience the most comfortable environment at home during the summer heat as well as helping you make savings year round as many new units now work in reverse or in tandem with furnaces to provide more efficient heating and keep your fuel bills lower in the winter too.

Installation: Discounts

Many homeowners are not aware of the seasonal price changes that some air conditioning companies roll out in order to make money off of your misfortune. Here at Climate Pro, we offer our customers discounts year round to ensure you never have to go without air conditioning. We are currently offering up to $500 in discounts on all AC installation in North Seattle. It’s important to remember that the total cost of your new air conditioner is made up of two parts, the product itself and the installation, the latter is usually where many companies squeeze out a bigger cut for themselves, using a trusted local HVAC company will be sure to get you the best deal. Call us today on (425) 787-5804 for more information and booking.