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As you get ready for temperatures on the rise, make sure you’re keeping your family comfortable all spring and summer long. It’s important to have a plan for your home air quality and take some time to check on things and do small maintenance tasks. Just like when you have to perform a service on your car from time to time but still do regular oil changes, your home air conditioning system is similar in its needs.

An HVAC system needs both regular maintenance, like changing air filters, and more infrequent service from a technician one to two times a year to truly run its best. If you want to have optimal air quality in your home, this blog post will help you make sure your AC is delivering the best filtration possible.

For decades, Climate Pro has been a help to families seeking quality AC maintenance service in North Seattle. If you’re elderly, have small children, or suffer from allergies, this guide is especially important for you. Reducing the amount of dust, dirt, pollutants, pollens, mold, and other allergens in the air will help your immune system and quality of life.

Steps for the homeowner:

  •  Change air filters on a schedule. Air filter changes are one of the top two ways to keep your air quality indoors at an optimal level. Letting your filter get clogged with dirt and contaminants by not changing often enough will allow buildup to slowly seep into condenser coils and circulate around the home through vents. You may notice more dust accumulating in the house when this happens. Make sure during high use months especially, that you change your filter every month. Grab extras at the hardware store and set a reminder on your calendar for each time to stay on top of this step. Beyond maintaining air quality, this step helps extend the lifespan of your AC by helping prevent clogs of dirt inside.

Climate Pro LLC.

  •  Get an annual HVAC maintenance appointment. The best times to do this are between seasons, as your unit will need to switch from cooling to heating the home. This is an essential for air quality because your AC will accumulate dirt and allergens behind the filters even with good habits on changing them. We clean out this dirt, test airflow, and make sure the system is performing at its best. Bonus: You’ll save on utilities with your AC functioning at it’s most efficient in addition to improving the quality of the air with a big reduction in dust circulating inside duct work.
  •  Do a clean sweep. Sweep, dust, mop or vacuum areas around the HVAC system. Reduce the dust all around the home so it can’t get into the air. Make sure to dust your vents at least once a year. Wear a mask if you are especially prone to dust allergies.

If it’s time for maintenance give Climate Pro a call for AC maintenance service in North Seattle at (425) 787-5804 today.