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Woman relaxing lying on a couch at home

Just three more blocks, I told myself. I was coming home from a run. Most of the spring I’d been flippant about getting outside. I’d use excuses like the rain to say, not today. But over the last two weeks, I started a routine. Getting back home, I wanted to step into a cool environment and relax before getting ready to meet friends for dinner. I deserve it, I thought, unlocking the door and sauntering inside. But what’s this? The house feels stuffier than ever, I just had my AC fixed last year. Again?!

Don’t get stuck in a rut.

It’s easy to put off exercise and stay in a rut. The same thing can be said about holding onto an old air conditioner. But when you’re pouring money into it each time you fix it, you’re in a money wasting rut. When your AC gets older, it’s performance goes down. Even with regular maintenance, these babies don’t last forever. Don’t get stuck in a rut with your old AC performing repair after repair. Take the amount you would spend each year on those costs and put it towards a new AC.

Enjoy your Seattle home

As a homeowner you get to decide how to invest in your lifestyle and comfort. One of the best reasons to update your AC is performance. You’ll get better efficiency at the same time as you get more cooling power from the models on the market today.

Who should install it

Climate Pro LLC is a local hero for those looking for a worry-free AC replacement in North Seattle. Since 2004, we’ve built a reputation for our dependable and friendly service. It can be hard deciding which AC to buy and who to trust when it comes to installing it.

We’ll not only help you pick out the optimal air conditioner for your home, we’ll give you our honest opinion on whether repairing your old one to get a little more out of it makes sense. While other contractors may try to pressure you into a fast decision, we listen and take careful thought to find the right answer for your needs. All of our technicians are NATE certified so they are highly qualified to do work on your home.

The big decision makers

If you aren’t sure if you need a new AC, here are the main considerations:

  1. Age: Is it over 10 years old? At the 10 year mark, you start losing the return on your investment because of repair costs. If it’s older but working fine, you may not need to replace it just yet, but know that the chances of breakdown are higher.
  2. Have tuneups helped performance? If it’s not performing well even after a service appointment or tune up, you should consider new models.
  3. Utility costs on the rise? You also may be able to quickly recoup the costs of a newer model with a lower energy consumption. When your electric bills are high, a new AC delivers huge savings.

Get help from experts that live and work in your area with Climate Pro LLC. If you need AC replacement in North Seattle, give us a call today to talk at (425) 787-5804.