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Having an AC replacement in North Seattle performed quickly and stress-free can be quite challenging when you don’t know who to turn to or what kind of AC you must replace it with. The costs of performing this job are higher than a routine repair job, and the risks of doing a bad job can be much higher with an inexperienced service provider.

Here at Climate Pro LLC, we have some of the most well-trained technicians in the area who can install your new air conditioning unit easily and quickly.

It’s quite normal to be unsure whether you need a new unit or not – as few are able to read the signs of a bad unit right away.
Oftentimes it can be something that seems like a relatively simple problem to fix that instead reveals a much bigger internal issue.

Our team fulfills many calls in this area to inspect the units and see what needs to be done to fix them as we often won’t know either until we take a look.
So before you get your AC replacement in North Seattle, take a few minutes to read about how many customers will find out they need this done……

Their Unit Has Gotten Too Old

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is around 15 to 20 years old. So if your current unit was installed around the year 2000, now is probably a good time to start considering a new one.
It’s quite normal for an AC to last this long because the parts were made to last for that many years. This amount of time is no indicator of a lack of a lack of quality from the brand of AC you have but is actually a sign that it has held up fairly well.

The Repairs Have Become Too Expensive

However, there are some units that have barely made it to this point because of faulty parts or a lack of maintenance and tune-ups. Keeping your unit clean and maintained is highly necessary to keep it from falling apart before it’s expected lifespan.

If you don’t strive to do this, then it’s possible that several key parts of your air conditioning unit will start to fail like your motors, fans, or coils. A general rule we have for replacing an air conditioner is that if the repair costs equal around a 3rd of the cost of a new unit, then it’s better to just go ahead and replace it.

Their Energy Bills Are Too High

If your AC is running pretty hot and needs a lot more energy to provide a reasonable amount of cool air, then it may be time for an AC replacement in North Seattle.

Several of the newest units on the market are built to help you save on your energy bills, and this benefit alone can make the installation a wise investment. Give us a call at 425.787.5804 or take a quick trip to our Contact Us page if you would like to get started!