A furnace limit switch is a part of a forced-air furnace that turns on the blower after the furnace has reached the specified temperature. A furnace cannot adjust the temperature in combination with a thermostat without a working furnace limit switch. A furnace limit switch is often made up of an external plate and an inside-the-furnace-housing temperature probe.

The continual operation of your furnace’s blower is the most prevalent indicator of a faulty limit switch. For replacing the furnace limit switch, you can contact any company that provides furnace maintenance in Everett, WA.

You’ll need to get a limit switch from the same company that makes your furnace. This component could cost anywhere from $4 to $25, depending on your original equipment manufacturer. At the lower end of this price range, you might like to buy a universal switch.

The cost of having your furnace professionally repaired varies depending on the problem. In general, furnace repair visits should cost between $100 and $1,000, with an average of $270.

What are the signs that your furnace limit switch is faulty?

If the following conditions exist, owners should have their furnace limit switch inspected:

  • The furnace fan is constantly running.
  • The furnace’s fan will not turn on.
  • The system switches on and off repeatedly (a process known as “short cycling”).

Is it possible to replace your furnace’s limit switch yourself?

It is possible to replace the limit switch of your own furnace. To get started, test the switch with a multimeter. You’ll need a new switch that matches your previous one if it’s malfunctioning. Here’s how to check your furnace’s limit switch and, if needed, replace it.

  • Turn off your furnace’s electricity and gas.
  • The limit switch is usually found inside the furnace’s lid panel. It may, however, be installed on the outside of your furnace on earlier models.
  • After locating the limit switch, remove your furnace’s limit switch.
  • Check for continuity using the multimeter probes on the switch terminals.
  • Replace the switch with a new model if there’s no continuity.

However, it is not advised to replace the limit switch on your own. You must note that furnaces might be harmful before attempting any repair on your own. The Furnaces produce not only hot air but also contain dangerous gas and are powered by high-voltage electricity.

While an expert HVAC professional or electrician may find this procedure simple, it can be intimidating for a homeowner. Furnace repairs that aren’t done correctly can put your home at risk of fire, carbon monoxide leaks, and other hazards.

Given the cost of a new HVAC unit as well as the potential health and safety issues, owners should seek professionals or a company that provides furnace replacement in Everett, WA, if they detect a problem with their furnace limit switch.

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