A furnace has many components in it, like a gas valve, flame sensor, and burner. However, one such component that needs frequent attention without professional help is the filters in it.

Each furnace is different; some work for fewer hours while some work day and night. Due to this, you cannot find the specific number of times you need to clean or replace the furnace filters. In such a case, you need to understand the factors in your home that make your filters dirty more often. Once you understand these factors, you can act on them and clean your filters accordingly.

How To Know If Your Filter Needs Cleaning?

It is not a hard task to determine whether your filters have reached their limits. Signs like dirt and dust on the filter, the system working for longer hours, poor indoor air quality, and unpleasant odors indicate that your filters need quick cleaning. You can either clean them yourself or contact a company for furnace maintenance in Everett, WA.

Benefits Of Clean Filters

You may think that spending time cleaning your furnace filters is futile, and it may have no advantages for you. However, this is not true. Clean filters ensure that the air in your home is free of dirt, dust, and contaminants. Also, if your family members have breathing problems, a clean filter will ensure clean indoor air, and your family members will incur fewer allergies.

A clean filter benefits the system as well. A dirty filter means that the pathway for air to travel from the system to the house and vice versa is not smooth, so the system will have to work harder to suck and push the air. Clean filters mean lesser electricity bills and increased lifespan of the system. You will also not have to call furnace maintenance in Everett, WA, often if you keep your filters clean.

Reasons, Why Your Filters Get Dirty Often

Here are some reasons why your filter needs cleaning too often:

  • Doors and Windows

Doors and windows allow outside air to enter your home along with the dirt, dust, and pollen in it. Frequent opening and closing of doors and windows increase the dirt and dust in your home. Although you cannot control the opening and closing of your doors and windows, you can control their insulation tendency by sealing them properly.

  • Pets

Almost everyone got pets during the lockdown period. Pets shed fur and bacteria that the furnace filters catch in them. Brush them outside frequently to ensure that they do not shed and protect your filters from their fur.

  • Smoking

If someone in your family smokes in the house, your filters will have a hard time fighting the smoke. The smoke from cigarettes adversely affects the functioning of filters, and you may have to clean them more often. Try to ensure that the smoker smokes outside.

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