Keeping your furnace system in tip-top condition is necessary for efficient functioning. If there is dirt build-up on any furnace components, it significantly decreases the furnace system’s performance. Moreover, the furnace system may develop new problems and affect your comfort.

Contact a Climate Pro Heating and Cooling furnace maintenance expert in Everett, WA, to handle the delicate components that might break down due to mishandling.

Reasons why you should schedule annual maintenance

Here are some reasons that explain why calling annual maintenance services can be beneficial:

  • Optimum and efficiently functioning
  • Long furnace system’s life
  • Less noisy and smooth operation
  • No sudden breakdowns that require emergency gas furnace repair to fix the issue.
  • Better air quality

Our furnace technician in Everett, WA will clean and inspect all the furnace system components thoroughly and appropriately. It is best to keep cleaning the heating system weekly or monthly to maintain its performance.

Switch off the furnace system before you set off to clean it to avoid injuries and adverse situations like short circuits or electrocution.

Expert Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace System

Here are a few tips suggested by our furnace maintenance technicians in Everett, WA, to maintain the furnace system’s smooth and efficient operation

  • Clean the Air Filter Regularly

Air filters are one of the essential components in the furnace system assembly as they prevent dirt build-up in the furnace and maintain indoor air quality.

You can use a disposable air filter and replace it monthly for optimum working. You can also invest in a washable air filter that can be cleaned with water and replaced after every three months.

  • Clean The Furnace Coils

In a furnace system, the furnace coils are the evaporator coils that deliver the warm air indoors. Dirty evaporator coils are partially responsible for inadequate heat or leakage issues.

For cleaning the evaporator coils, remove the access panel from the coil cabinet by removing the metal tape and screws that secure the access panel.

You can use a rinse less coil cleaner spray to clean the coils and follow up with a soft brush to remove the debris on the surface.

  • Clean The Furnace Flame Sensor

A furnace flame sensor is a safety device installed in the furnace system that shuts down the system if there is no flame burning. It looks like a metallic rod, and you can find it near the burner assembly.

There can be a gritty build-up on the flame sensor as it is near the flame. To clean the flame sensor, remove it from the burner assembly and clean it with a damp cloth.

You might need to call our gas furnace repair technician in Everett, WA, to replace the sensor if cleaning does not improve the functioning.

  • Clean The Furnace Blower

The furnace blower assembly consists of a motor, fan blades, a squirrel case, and an electrical system. You will need a brush and a vacuum to clean the blower motor and fan.

Experts instruct using a brush to remove the dust from the fan blades, motor housing, and squirrel case. The vacuum will help to clean the blower cabinet appropriately.


It is best to call the furnace maintenance service in Everett, WA, to clean and maintain the system in the fall. Our technician will share tips and tricks to preserve your system effortlessly.

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