Furnaces use more energy to achieve the thermostat settings as the weather becomes colder. Inadequate furnace maintenance in Everett, WA, can impact its life span.

One of the worst things you can experience in cold weather is the failure of your furnace. If you decide to replace or repair your furnace, contact Climate Pro Heating and Cooling on expert advice on the services your furnace requires.

Six indicators that it's time to get a new furnace

If a furnace needs replacement, it will show signs that inform you to get in touch with experts to arrange a furnace replacement in Everett, WA:

  • Energy Bills Keep Increasing

In the colder seasons, it’s not unusual for your bills to go up. Your home is heated as the cold winds blow outwards, requiring more energy. If you notice that your bills are significantly more expensive than in the same month every year, it indicates something is wrong.

  • Repair Costs Are Climbing

If you constantly need repairs to your furnace, it can become expensive quickly. Although replacing your boiler or furnace is expensive, it’s better to stop investing in repairs that don’t solve your heating issue long term.

If you’re spending more each year for repairs than what a new one costs, then it’s likely time to consider the replacement. One best guideline is that when you add up the cost of repairs and you’re just half what a new heating system costs, it’s time to consider upgrading your heating system.

  • Yellow Burner Flames

If your heating unit is operating properly and its burner flames are in good condition, they are supposed to be blue. If the flame appears orange or yellow, that could mean that your furnace produces carbon monoxide. Contact our furnace maintenance expert in Everett, WA, to visit your residence for an inspection.

  • Unusual Noises From The System

If your boiler or furnace makes strange noises, it may be a problem that needs to be addressed. Here’s a list of a couple of noises to look out for:

  1. Popping: If your heating system emits a “popping” noise, it shows a fluctuation in temperature within your furnace.
  2. Humming: Your furnace fan motor emits a “humming” noise during its normal operation. If the sound gets louder, it is important to consider replacing your furnace.
  3. Booming: If a “booming” sound comes from your heating unit, you might be experiencing a serious gas emissions issue.
  4. Banging or clanging: If your boiler has been making “clanging” or “banging” sounds, it could signal an issue with pressure, leak, or blockage. Whatever the cause is, it’s probably time to replace your boiler.
  • Visible Corrosion On The System.

Modern boiler systems are designed to withstand corrosion for a long time; however, if your boiler has damaged valves or leaks, air can get into the system, causing it to degrade. If your boiler exhibits corrosion, it’s recommended to replace it.

  • Age Of Your System

Boilers and furnaces, in general, last for around 15 to 20 years. When your heating equipment becomes old, it’s usually not worth it to continue investing in repairs since you’ll be spending more money.

We at Climate Pro Heating and Cooling provide maintenance plans that satisfy your requirements and increase your heater’s longevity. Call us at (425) 787-5804 or email us if you require repair or furnace replacement in Everett, WA.