Our air conditioning device is one of the most important electronic appliances we rely on during the hot summer months, which only get warmer as the season progresses. The condenser is one of the most vital components of an air conditioning system, and if it gets obstructed, air transportation can become a significant challenge.

So it becomes prudent to take good care of the compressor of your air conditioning device by inspecting the condensing unit. Furthermore, if you think your condenser is obstructed or blocked, it may be worth some free DIY work before calling in an expert for an air conditioning service in Everett, WA.

How to Unblock a Condenser?

The primary step is to inspect the plumbing system or drip pan for; any apparent cracks or leaks. If there is no visible damage, this should point to a blocked-up condenser drain pipe. But don’t worry, as you can try a few things before calling your trusted HVAC professional.

  • Begin by turning off your air conditioning unit at the temperature sensor and the breaker. Water + energy + you is rarely a good combination and safety is always paramount! So always ensure that you take all the necessary precautions before touching the device.
  • If your compressor drain pipe exits outside your home, start by finding it and determining whether it is conveniently located enough to connect and maneuver your wet vac around.
  • Attach your wet/dry vac to the drain tube’s exit route. If the void hose is too large or too small to generate an airtight vacuum with the pipe, try wrapping your hands around the point of connection to seal it off, or buy a wet vac adhesion that will properly link up to the drain pipe.
  • Check that your bucket is perfectly placed to catch any wreckage sucked out, then turn on your wet vac and let it operate for a few minutes. Also, it may be necessary to reorient the vacuum-drain pipe connection several times to ensure proper suction. Hopefully, some dust, mold, and grime will get ejected into your wet-vac bucket.
  • If this still hasn’t cleaned up the drain line sufficiently, or if you could not connect your drain pipe escape path, locate the drain line entry point (curved PVC piping) near your interior air handler. Remove the cap/plug, connect the wet vac to the outlet pipe and repeat the procedure of producing an airtight connection and swallowing any crud into your bucket.
  • If this still hasn’t cleaned up your condenser water pipe, or if you’re a stickler for detail, you can try breaking down any obstruction with one of your favored corrosive liquids (bleach, vinegar, or oxidants).

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