The condenser coil located in the exterior unit of an air conditioner is an important element of the system as it helps remove heat from your home and keeps it cool. When long-term AC maintenance is ignored, the condenser coil is one portion of an air conditioner that might create problems in the system.

It performs the function of absorbing heat from your home and transmitting it to another location. It cannot accomplish this efficiently and is harmed when it gets unclean. This problem can be solved through effective AC maintenance practices. There are three primary indicators that a condenser coil needs to be cleaned.

Symptoms of a dirty condenser coil

The cooling capacity of your AC will be reduced

When the condenser coil gets dirty, your air conditioner will not generate as cold air as it should. The efficiency of the cooling process is compromised when heat transmission is limited. If the condenser coil has been examined, it becomes evident that the air conditioner isn’t cooling your home.

Your AC might take a long time to cool

Another sign of a problem is if your air conditioner starts to operate for longer cycles to get the same level of cooling in your house. When the air it generates isn’t as cool as you want it to be, it has to create more to reach your desired temperature. If you see this, the condenser coil might be to blame.

Frost might get developed on the coil

A dirty condenser coil can cause your air conditioner to stop working entirely. It occurs when condensation develops on the soil and freezes during the air conditioner’s operation. The accumulation of ice prevents heat transfer from the air in your home, causing the air conditioner to stop chilling air.

Solutions for maintaining a clean condenser coil

You can prevent your AC coils from becoming dirty by doing the following:

  • Maintain a clean and dust-free environment surrounding your indoor unit.

  • Wash and clean your outside unit to eliminate dirt and debris every month.

  • Invest in the best air filter you can afford and keep it clean, especially if you have pets.

  • Air conditioning maintenance and cleaning should be scheduled to prepare for the summer.

Although servicing your air conditioner may appear difficult, AC maintenance or AC installation in Everett, WA, is fairly simple due to the several alternatives accessible to AC owners.

How can you treat The problem?


The tried-and-tested method of extending the life of your air conditioner is to perform routine AC maintenance. It is also a very effective approach to getting the most out of any cooling system. The more efficiently your air conditioner runs, the less money you will spend on electricity, making your home more pleasant.

The condenser coil within your air conditioner is difficult to access, and it’s better to get it cleaned by professionals. They will be able to get to it, clean it, and correctly seal it so your air conditioner can keep running at its best. They will also determine whether additional maintenance has to be done during the procedure.

For further queries about cleaning solutions for the dirty condenser coil, contact AC maintenance in Everett, WA, for AC installation, and other HVAC-related services and surrounding areas, contact Climate Pro Heating and Cooling today at (425) 787-5804.