air conditioner running

It is scorching hot outside, and you find your air conditioner running all day, and you wonder if it’s fine. On average, an air conditioner can cool your room in 15 to 20 minutes, after which the unit shuts itself down.

However, if it is scorching hot outside and the temperature is above 80 degrees, your AC unit may run for the whole day. In some cases, it may never turn off! HVAC experts say that it’s completely fine for your AC to run all day. Some AC units are designed to work at full capacity, and some people get this AC installed in Everett, WA.

However, it’s advisable to switch it off every few hours to ensure that – 

  • Your bill amount is less
  • No breakdown of the system occurs
  • Its cooling is not affected

It’s always better to schedule an annual check and get your AC repair in Everett, WA, when needed.

What Issues Do ACs That Run All Day Face? 

Although ACs can run all day, timely AC checks and repairs in Everett can save money and electricity too! Here are issues that ACs face – 

  • Blocked Airflow

As mentioned earlier, your system takes 15-20 minutes to cool your room. However, if the airflow is blocked, your system needs more energy to work. As a result, you experience less cooling and weak airflow through vents. Therefore,  you can – 

  1. Change  filters
  2. Clean the AC vents
  3. Clear furniture for effective cooling
  4. Get a proper AC repair in Everett, WA
  • Your Condenser or Evaporator Coil is Dirty

A dirty evaporator coil can make it difficult for the refrigerant in AC to absorb heat from your air. The same applies to a dirty Condenser coil, as it blocks the absorbed heat from the refrigerant. As a result, you may experience warm or less cool air from vents. Hire professionals to clean it effectively and repair AC in Everett, WA. Are you yet to install an AC? Well, AC installation services are easily available in Everett, WA!

  • Change Your Thermostat Settings

If your thermostat is on, it means that your AC runs all day! Change the settings to “auto” so your AC runs only until the desired temperature is reached.  Also, make sure that the temperature settings are just desirable and not too low.  Schedule an annual check and make Necessary repairs for your AC in Everett, WA

  • Low Refrigerant

If your AC has a low level of Refrigerant, it may cause some cooling issues, causing your AC to run all day. To spot this problem, you can hear a bubbling hissing noise or experience hot air blows. You can fix this by calling an expert technician for timely repairs for your AC in Everett, WA.

If you are looking for AC installation in Everett, you must try Climate Pro’s technicians. They are experienced and offer very professional services. You can get your AC repaired in Everett, WA, within no time! Contact them at (630) 893-8511 to book an appointment today!