ac installation

When the summers arrive, an air conditioner becomes your best mate as it can increase your comfort level by reducing the temperature of your place. However, the installation of an AC is a difficult task. This is why it is always beneficial to get it done by experts.  A good AC installation is not just essential for the durability of your air conditioner unit but further enables it to operate in excellent condition.  

Key Aspects for AC Installation

An air conditioner installed perfectly will present a precise amount of cooling at your place and enhance its endurance. It also assists in getting maintenance and service executed under warranty, thereby reducing extra expenses incurred on maintenance and AC repair

Hence, it is important to take into consideration certain aspects of AC installation. Mentioned below are a few criteria that you can employ during your AC installation in Everett, WA – 

Primary Requirements for Split AC Installation 

  • The room in which you are planning to install an air conditioner should be an enclosed place. It must hold decent operational gates and window panes to evade leakage of air.
  • It is better to hold blinds and an artificial ceiling where you wish to install an AC to subdue the increase in temperature due to the outside heat.
  • The place must be free of dust and dirt to impede the air conditioner filters from choking. 
  • The place must hold a sufficient amount of power supply for installing the air conditioner system. 
  • The surface where you wish to place your air conditioner unit must not be wet or damped. 
  • The surface must be firm enough to carry the load of an indoor air conditioner. To ensure this, you must always ask the professional to mount at least a 6-inch thick ply for sustaining the AC unit.
  • There must be a free expanse of at least 5 inches on either side of the indoor AC unit to ensure that the ventilation behind the system is proper. Likewise, there must be a free expanse of at least 4 inches from the head of the indoor AC unit for proper airflow.
  • The outdoor of your split AC must be located where it is not directly exposed to the sun. 

Primary Requirements for Window AC Installation

  • The window where you wish to install your air conditioner unit must hold a 30 inches beam from the ground.
  • The window must always be 20 inches apart from the adjoining wall to circumvent the wall damping. 
  • There must be a free expanse of 20 inches at the backside of the air conditioner unit for ventilation. 

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